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Non-slip structure enabling control by self-mechanism of a reducer without additional braking system while being purely driven by a gear.




Enabling rotation in both directions, clockwise and counterclockwise as well as preventing back-lash in both directions.




For a reduction gear ratio over 1/60, all of existing reducers require to shift to a higher gear stage according to the increase of reduction gear ratio as the gear stage l is over 2. ){, a reducer becomes large. As contrary, this technology theoretically enables the unlimited reduction with the gear stage 1, as up to 1/10,000 with the gear stage 1. Therefore, it can be manufactured as a compact size.




A spur gear consists of about three mesh gears. However, this technology configures all gears as internal gears. And the internal gear minimizes the difference of number of teeth of an external gear. ){, the contact ratio of a gear is substantially increased. The number of teeth for a mesh gear is about 4 times as much as a spur gear, over 12 teeth. Therefore, for the same modules, gear strength is very high 4 times as much as that of a spur gear because of the reduction of load for each tooth of a gear.



With the most excellent contact ratio of a gear in existing reducers, this reducer minimizes tooth surface friction. It is superior to any other reducers, with power transmission efficiency over 93%.

In addition, its power transmission efficiency is over two times as much as that of a worm gear enabling self-locking.



Because of high contact ratio of a gear, backlash of this reducer is the smallest among any existing reducers. So it is very advantageous in operating precision machine.



For a gear ratio over 1/100, the number of main components for a general planetary gear is about 14 to 20 pieces. The number of components for worm reduction is about 10 to 14 pieces. However, the number of main components for this device is 5 to 6 pieces as the simple structure.



For worm reducers enabling self-locking, a gear is worn away because of pure friction drive. ){, it is required to regularly change worms and worm wheels after using for a certain period. However, this device minimizes the gear friction with the most remarkable gear drive so that a gear is hardly damaged due to friction. Therefore, it is semi-permanently used.



Input and output shaft are put in a concentric direction. So a structure of a reducer is simple as well as it is easy to install and mount a reducer.



It is a reducer with low noise because of high contact ratio of a gear and precision machining.